How To Avoid Being Robbed At Casino

Robbed At Casino

Casinos are well known to have increasing criminal activities. Gambling leads to a lot of crime likes assaults, robbery, vandalism, etc. There are many reports to prove these facts. Thieves generally target big winners and people who are alone. Most casinos see around a million dollars of large transactions on a daily basis. This is the scenario which can create a perfect storm for robbers who are on the next mark. There are many robbers who are looking for opportunities, and staying informed is one of the best ways to move without any incidents.

Even the casinos themselves can be targets

Gambling establishments invest a lot of money on the security of the personnel. There are many millions of dollars which is worth a lot when you have it in cash. There are many high profile incidents where there were many criminals wielding a gun have hit the casinos who stole approximately $1.5 million worth of chips from the Las Vegas Bellagio. You do not have to worry about getting robbed if you are not winning anything from the casino. Try to make sure that you are willing to win but not get in the way of any harm.


Theft happens at the table

Sometimes certain thefts happen at the gambling table as well. If you see a party of few people going to pay their chip stack anyone who is not paying any attention can swipe the chips. Craps ad roulette is one such game which is one of the most popular targets for criminals. This is because the games offers are a lot of commotion and chaos, which can distract people into playing more bets. A robber can easily look for casino surveillance which is easy to pick up and help with ensuring that these incidents do not happen in the future.

What can you do

There is a lot of fear as constantly looking over your shoulder can be very distracting. There are a few ways that can allow you to have an improved chance of not being involved as a casino robbery victim.

Have the security escort you to your car

security escort

Casino parking lots are very popular hotspot when it comes to robberies. The criminal may notice that if a winner is walking out with a huge chip stack, they will follow his outside. This is one of the main reason gambling venues offers security to big winners.

Get a cashier’s check at the cage

Getting a cashier’s check is another way to endorse deposit only money to your account. This can make it easier for you to move ahead and make you less likely the target.

Be aware

Your safety is in your hands, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are safe. Try to always be sure about your surroundings to help yourself out safe.